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Our 2016 MORE Scholarship Recipients - Congratulations Students!

The MORE Foundation has awarded 108 MORE Scholarships for 2016 to Carter County graduates to help them pursue higher education goals at an Oklahoma college, university or vocational-technical school of their choice, representing $649,500 that will be given through The MORE Foundation. 

Recipients of the 2016 MORE Scholarship Include:

Ardmore High School Recipients: 
Braden Choate-Lyles, Breden Brookshire, Bodee Coffman (also a recipient of the Ward S. Merrick Jr. Scholarship), Christopher Garcia, Flora Garcia, Maria Gonzalez, Clayton Atwood, Deahdra Broades, Bailey Cook, Cara Jackson, Kyndal Jones, Grace Newman, Tyra Newton, Isaiah Clark, Cheyenne Smith, Haley Sherfield, Jacob Morgan, Makayla McGee, Orrin Walker, Reghan Wilson, Meagan Waller, Rhianna Blanco, Samuel Allen (also a recipient of the Robert Starr Haile Memorial Scholarship), Shelby Peters, Jake Patterson, Elizabeth Shirley, Jorge Rodriguez, Stephanie Roberts, Steven Wall, and Tiara Wright.

Dickson High School Recipients: Chance Herriott, Cody Conway, Courtney Holybee, Emily Ballard, Jeremiah Lantrip, Taira Lewis, Kaitlyn Redfern, Kaylea Gillaspy, Layne Hartwell, Madelynn Williams, Makala Hinkle, Misty Jeter, Moriah Bean, Quentin Herbert, Savahanna Haggard, Tai Houser, Wynde Goodin, Aryn Dunn, Bayler Vaughn, and Kimberly Clark.

Fox High School Recipients: Adrianna Orta, Cassie Barber, Dominic Newell, April Shepherd, Chelsea Hill, Dominic Rodriguez, Jacob Knox, and Ceondre James.

Healdton High School Recipients: Alexis Benitez, Alexus Gage, Christopher Choate, Elizabeth Fleming, Hayden Blakemore, Hunter Tolliver, Jessica Kelley, Makayla Nipp, Chayne Perkins, and Reagan Miller.

Lone Grove High School Recipients: Blake Miller, Brittany Foote, Cody Geurin, Hannah Howard (also received the Rae Rippetoe Blair and Craig Blair Memorial Scholarship), Connor Bray, Courtney Foote, Megan Good, Karli King, David Harmon, Harley Hill, Jennifer Jones, Joshua Denison, Kayla Houchin, Chelsey Sloan, Lacee Stewart, Layne McClennahan, Micray Ratliffe, Lynzi Taylor, Maci Taul, Marcus Rousey, Megan Faught, and Michaela Lee.

Plainview High School Recipients: Braden Cross (also a recipient of the Ward S. Merrick Jr. Scholarship), Aditi Verma, Brody Ross, David Annis, Seth Fritts, Ethan Doughty, Kerry Martin, Rachel Elliott, Sarthak Mehta, and Schuyler Henderson.

Springer High School Recipients: Ashley Wylie, Meg Meyer, and Sergio Fuentes.

Wilson High School Recipients: Cassidy Whatley, Jacob Barnes, Kylar Hunziker, Mason Salsbury, and Tanner Smith.

Additional Awards Given:
Ward S. Merrick Jr. Scholarship, a one-time award given each year to honor one student from Ardmore High School and one student from Plainview High School who have demonstrated overall excellence: Bodde Coffman and Braden Cross
Robert Starr Haile Memorial Scholarship: Samuel Allen

Rae Rippetoe Blair and Craig Blair Memorial Scholarship, a new scholarship for female athletes: Hannah Howard

The Ward S. Merrick Jr. Scholarship, Robert Starr Haile Memorial Scholarship, and Rae Rippetoe Blair and Craig Blair Memorial Scholarship are administered through The MORE Foundation in partnership with Communities Foundation of Oklahoma and bring the total number of scholarships awarded for 2016 to 112.



The mission of The More Foundation is to provide financial incentives to all Carter County public high school graduates from average income families to pursue higher education goals at Oklahoma colleges, universities, and vocational-technical schools of their choice.

We believe that higher education promotes individual and social
growth enabling young people to develop skills and experience
life lessons that will assist them in becoming productive
citizens who give back to the community.

This program does not discriminate on the basis
of race, creed, color, sex, national origin,
or religious affiliation.